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Porsche Carrera GT - Assetto Corsa Sound Mod

I got a lot of requests for releasing the Porsche Carrera GT. This V10 engine creates a very unique sound which is instantly recognizable to the real car sound enthusiasts. I especially like to drive with the open windows & roof mod. (The second sound mod variation)

I tried to recreate this sound as close to the original exhaust as possible including the interior cabin sound. All sounds recorded are from an actual Porsche Carrera GT. No other car sounds are being used.

The sound mod pack contains 3 different variations:

1. Interior Direct Exhaust Sound

2. Interior Cabin Sound - Windows & Roof Open

3. Interior Cabin Sound - Windows Open

The Porsche Carrera GT Sound Mod is available as a premium package (3 variations in 1 pack) at

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