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My name is Marco Marti and I like cars. Especially the sounds. That's why I like to create my own sound mods for Assetto Corsa.

With a full time job and three kids it’s not easy finding spare time but with your support it will make it a lot easier.

I primarily started creating sound mods for my own gameplay. To improve the immersion. Because when it comes to the original car sounds from all the games I have played, I never liked them very much. The sounds were missing clarity and good upshift and downshift sounds.

After finishing a mod and depending on my mood I choose purely exhaust sound or cabin sound to race with. I am planning to create both types of sounds but for now the exhaust sound gets priority because it’s just much more fun to drive. (Cabin and exterior) but always use them inside the cabin.

I have some experience in sound editing and music production.

Have been a music producer and sound designer for over 25 years and thought it would be nice to create my own mods just the way I would like them to be.

Now I want to share my mods with all the MCC members who like them.

So this year I will release all my mods one by one after they are finished and ready for release.

I focus on 7 main things in creating new car sound mods to add to the car collection.

1) Cockpit view type of sounds, in cabin and exhaust in 4 different categories but all focused on cockpit view (vr) driving.

A) Car interior sound with windows closed

B) Car interior sound with windows open

C) Car exhaust sound no wind

D) Car exhaust sound with wind

2) Realistic exterior view sounds (no real rev mode)

3) Real Rev Mode. Separate mod for fun or for creating a deep dive review of the car where sound is an important factor. Real rev mode consists of revving the car with realistic sounds. (free cam mode in Assetto Corsa is required)

4) Start up sounds and (adaptive) idle (from cold to warm engine)

5) Flyby sounds

6) Tunnel sounds

7) Launch control (when available for car)

Marco Marti

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