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A brand new sound mod for the Nissan GT-R (Nismo). The Nissan has a very specific and recognizable V6 sound. I tried to recreate this sound as close to the original exhaust as possible. All sounds recorded are from an actual Nissan GT-R, also the BOV and turbo sounds. No other car sounds are being used.


The sound mod pack contains 3 different variations:


1. Interior Direct Exhaust Sound

2. Interior Cabin Sound - Windows Closed

3. Interior Cabin Sound - Windows Open 



The car this sound mod is based on is not made by me and not part of the purchase. You only pay for the sound mod(s). I use the author info in content manager for mentioning the car's author here. According to content manager this car's author is "Kunos" 


Installation Instructions:


Copy the and GUIDs.txt of the chosen mod variation into your Asstto Corsa cars sfx folder and overwrite existing files. make sure to backup your original files first. Enjoy!

Nissan GT-R - Assetto Corsa Sound Mod - 3 Variations

€ 5,99Price
  • 3 sound mods in 1 package! Choose realistic cabin driving with the windows fully closed, windows fully open or if you just like to enjoy pure exhaust sound while driving select direct exhaust sound!

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