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The Lexus LFA - Pre Release has been uploaded and is available to all community members for testing.


This one contains 3 different variations.


1 - Authentic LFA cabin interior sound

2 - Authentic LFA exhaust sound

3 - Both sounds combined


fly by sound is not yet finished but there, also it contains the start-up and idle and real rev mode. Not suitable for third person view driving in this stage.


In the SFX folder you will find 3 subfolders


\lexus_lfa\sfx\Cabin Sound

\lexus_lfa\sfx\Combined Sound

\lexus_lfa\sfx\Exhaust Sound


Choose the preffered bank file and copy it inside the sfx root folder. Default sound is exhaust.


When creating a cinemtic don't let the camera come to close otherwise the flyby sound is not as it should be. When this mod will be released a seperate version will be available (like all other cars) without real rev mode so third person view driving and fly by sounds can be used at all distances.


Please note these pre releases are NOT finished products and contain a lot of experimental sound settings like real rev mode etc. Most of the time the external sounds are not complete nor working properly. They do not represent the premium sound mods as the premium sound mods are completelty finished products in multiple variations.


Lexus LFA - Pre Release - Assetto Corsa Sound Mod (Pre Release WIP)

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