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The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 sound mod is finally ready comes with 4 different variations. This V12 engine creates a very unique sound which is instantly recognizable to the real car sound enthusiasts. This time we have 2 stock exhaust sound mods and 2 race exhaust sound mods. It is also possible to start the car from the interior and the exterior. Instructions are included on how to do this.


I tried to recreate this sound as close to the original exhaust and race exhaust as possible including the interior cabin sound. All sounds recorded are from an actual Lamborghini Aventador. No other car sounds are being used.


The sound mod pack contains 4 different variations:


1. Interior Direct Race Exhaust Sound

2. Interior Cabin Race Exhaust Sound

3. Interior Direct Stock Exhaust Sound

4. Interior Cabin Stock Exhaust Sound


The car this sound mod is based on is not made by me and not part of the purchase BUT this car has been highly modified by me. A lot of settings have been modified for driving pleasure and matching the sound mods. Besides that a complete new line of exterior and interior colors have been created. You can choose from 29 different car styles. Therefore this car is exclusive and not available anywhere else.


You only pay for the sound mod(s). I use the author info in content manager for mentioning the car's author here. According to content manager this car's author is "unknown or ?" 


Installation Instructions, the sound mods and the car are included in the download.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 - Assetto Corsa Sound Mod - 4 Variations

€ 5,99Price
  • 4 sound mods in 1 package! Choose realistic cabin with race or stock exhaust or if you like the exhaust sound choose direct race of direct stock exhaust sound to drive with. 

    Exclusive Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Included! This version is highly modified and only available at

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