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Ok. So here we are. One year after the launch of Marti's Car Collection. And to celebrate I have a very special gift for all current and future members to download for free. 


The BMW M6 E63 6 speed Manual with V10 engine. Why the M6 you may think? Well, A few years back I owned the 6 myself and still miss it sometimes. In order to re-live the time I had with this car I decided to create a sound mod for it.


But when I started working on the sound mod the BMW M6 E63 was not available for Assetto Corsa. There was a nice Hurricane version available but I wanted a complete stock M6.


Thats why I collaborated with Zoran Carević from BZ simworks. Zoran Created the car and I created the sound for it. Thanks again Zoran for your help man!

And this is the result. A brand new exclusive car with a realistic sound mod completely free to download.


Please note:

The car is encrypted and cannot be shown in the showroom. It can be perfectly driven though. just make sure if you ware using custom shaders to update to at least version 1.55 in order for the car to work properly.

Free BMW M6 E63 V10 - Exclusive 1 Year Anniversary Edition!

€ 0,00Price
  • As this wix shop doesn't support free downloads, I had to put the price at 0,01 Euro just like the pre-releases. Use the coupon "1YEARMCC" in order to get the price to zero and checkout for free. 


    Thanks for your understanding.

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