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BMW M4 CS Binaural Sound Mod - Pre Release

Test of the new binaural sound mod of the BMW M4 CS. The interior sounds are recorded and processed with binaural microphones with the windows fully closed.

The exhaust is positioned about three meters behind the drivers head and 0.5 meters down at the exhaust location. Binaural microphones (zoom h2n) placement inside the cabin at height of the drivers face with windows fully closed. Headphones strongly recommended as binaural sound effects are mostly only heard with headphones. Or if you have a high end sound system the effect maybe be present but will never sound like headphones.

Thanks to Luis Branco for designing this car.

This binaural sound mod contains the following sounds.

1) BMW M4 CS interior binaural start-up sound and idle.

2) BMW M4 CS exterior binaural start-up sound and idle.

3) BMW M4 CS interior binaural exhaust/engine/transmission sound with cabin sound effects, braking, wind and skid sounds and more. Still needs some editing.

4) BMW M4 CS exterior binaural exhaust sound with track reflections if car is further away from the camera.

5) BMW M4 CS Doppler effect and flyby.

More info about downloading this mod in the forum.

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